ISO: Download over 600 Standards for free! (No, it is not piracy!)

A few days ago I reposted an old article on how to get a legit copy of ISO 27000 free of charge. Well, in truth, there are several other

How about downloading over 600 ISO standards free of charge? No subscription, no paywall, no strings attached! Simply over 600 Freely Available ISO Standards!

that that you can download and put to good use!

The complete list includes OVER 600 STANDARDS. Obliviously some may be quite outdated (like the ones from 1988!), but I was surprised to find out very recent publications on relevant topics such as ITInformation SecurityCloud Computing, and IT Service Management:

  • ISO/IEC 2382:2015 Information technology — Vocabulary
  • ISO/IEC 2382-37:2017 (E) Information technology — Vocabulary — Part 37: Biometrics
  • ISO/IEC 17788:2014 Information technology — Cloud computing — Overview and vocabulary
  • ISO/IEC 17789:2014 Information technology — Cloud computing — Reference architecture
  • ISO/IEC 19395:2015 Information technology — Sustainability for and by information technology — Smart data centre resource monitoring and control
  • ISO/IEC 19678:2015 Information Technology — BIOS Protection Guidelines
  • ISO/IEC TR 20000-10:2015 Information technology — Service management — Part 10: Concepts and terminology
  • ISO/IEC TR 20000-11:2015 Information technology — Service management — Part 11: Guidance on the relationship between ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 and service management frameworks: ITIL
  • ISO/IEC TR 20000-12:2016 Information technology — Service management — Part 12: Guidance on the relationship between ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 and service management frameworks: CMMI-SVC
  • ISO/IEC 27036-1:2014 Information technology — Security techniques — Information securityfor supplier relationships — Part 1: Overview and concepts
  • ISO/IEC 27000:2016(E) Information technology — Security techniques — Information security management systems — Overview and vocabulary

For the complete list, follow this link: